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The Star Theatre is available for rent by commercial and non-profit groups, as well as community organizations and individuals.


We try to make as much space available as possible; however, our facility is heavily scheduled due to the Star Theatre Company's own performances and the many rental inquiries we receive.


There is a discount offered to not-for-profit 501 (C)-(3) organizations.


In addition to the rental fee, the renter is charged for the direct costs of extra personnel and equipment.


The following are included in your daily rental fee:




• 480 “Stadium Style” seats, 9 handicapped accessible seats - reflected on the seating chart

• Use of the Orchestra Pit

• Use of Green Room/ Dance Room

• Use of 1 poster case

• Use of “California Historic Landmark” Marquee on the days of your event

• 2 Technicians




• 192 channel “ETC 48/96” 600 scene programmable lighting controller

• 3-30’ aluminum light trusses

• 16’-23’ CYC Backdrop

• 1- 1,000 watt spotlight




• 32 Channel “Soundcraft Series II” Console

• Dual-deck “Numark CDN25” CD Player

• 2-Mackie stage left and stage right house speakers

• 2- JBL Stage Monitors

• Cordless, handheld microphone (9V batteries not included)

• Condenser microphones (for live instrumentation)


If interested in renting the Star Theatre, please fill out and submit the form below:

Success! Message received.

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