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Production Information Overview


CAST VOUCHERS FOR TICKETS:  Each actor has the opportunity to purchase ten-packs of discounted $18 Vouchers ($180 per ten-pack). They may purchase as many as they like up until the final performance.  These “virtual” tickets may be redeemed for reserved seating tickets for any show.  To redeem your vouchers, you will be given a Membership Patron ID.  You must go on-line and use this ID to reserve your seats using your voucher benefits.  Remember, the sooner you redeem, the better the seats!  There are no exchanges.  Detailed instructions will be available when you purchase your vouchers package.

To purchase ten-pack, contact:  Paul Friedman at

To redeem purchased vouchers, click below:


REHEARSALS:  REHEARSALS:  Cast members are required to attend all rehearsals they are scheduled for with the exception of any conflicts listed at your audition.  No additional conflicts are permitted. A detailed rehearsal calendar is attached. Additional calendars / scheduling will be provided as needed. If you will be more than 10 mins late, you must text (not email) Katie Marquardt.  Do not call the office.


COSTUMES:  Please contact Sharon Douglas at the below for any questions regarding costumes.

Contact: Sharon Douglas at


VOLUNTEERS:   In order to have a successful production, we will need help from volunteers. If you have friends or family that would like to help with our Seating (Ushers), Concessions, Will Call, etc., please have them visit this “PIRATES CAST INFORMATION” page to sign up using the button below.

Contact: Paul Friedman at

BIOS/HEADSHOTS:  All actors will need to email a headshot and 90-100 word bio to Paul Friedman by June 24 at

Contact: Paul Friedman at by January 16.

PROGRAM ADS:  We encourage all types of ads including business, dedication and congratulation ads.  Click on button below to download our Program Ad Form. 

Contact: Paul Friedman at by February 6.

The Star Theatre Company is not affiliated with the STAR Repertory Theatre

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