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The Star Theatre Company Presents...

Air Turbulance Logo.jpg

Written By: Daniel Watts

Directed by: David Schulz

The Star Theatre Company is proud to present this WORLD PREMIERE comedy written by Daniel Watts and directed by David Schulz. Packed full of pop culture references and premiering at the Star Theatre in Oceanside, Air Turbulence is a bumpy, hilarious ride in some very turbulent skies!  Set in an airplane cabin in 2019, the cast of characters in Air Turbulence will have you laughing out loud as affairs of the heart, secret pasts, movie obsessions, and quirky personalities all create turbulence inside the discount flight’s cabin while air turbulence outside just keeps getting worse!  Looks like the plane's going down, so they ask themselves: Should they confess their secrets? And why does everyone keep talking about Groundhog Day? Join us as the Historic Star Theatre reopens in August with Air Turbulence.  Rated PG-13.



AUG 20, Friday - 7:30pm

Opening Night! 
AUG 21, Saturday - 7:30pm
AUG 22, Sunday - 2:00pm
AUG 27, Friday - 7:30pm
AUG 28, Saturday - 7:30pm
Aug 29, Sunday - 2:00pm

COVID-19 Addendum:

The Star Theatre follows all Federal, State, County and Local protocols regarding COVID-19 to insure the health and safety of all who enter our facility.  We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to the protocols in place at the time of your event.


Due to the on-going spread of COVID and the changing recommendations and protocols, we are making the following modifications to our Air Turbulence COVID protocol:


1)  All who enter our theatre will be required to wear a mask that fits snugly over the nose, mouth and chin whether they are vaccinated or not.

2)  We will have a brief intermission between Act 1 and Act 2.  Act 1 is approximately 1 hour, Act 2 approximately 30 minutes.

3)  We will NOT have a raffle.

4)  We will be either reducing or eliminating our concessions and gala.  At a minimum we will have water available.



If front-row seating is required for someone with special needs please contact the office (760.721.9983) and they will be happy to provide assistance over the phone.

The Star Theatre Company is not affiliated with the STAR Repertory Theatre

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